it's been some time since i've released anything, mostly because life happens but also because i wanted to take some time to let myself process it all and try out new ways of making it. since my last two releases with mush records (solo album 'would you stay', and my first ever electronic collaboration album 'heart beats') i've fallen in love, grieved the death of a dear friend, spent a month in the hospital with health complications, traveled more than i ever have, and been unemployed. it turns out though, that all of these things were necessary for me to really create something from a place i never knew i needed to, or could. i wrote this EP with a good friend of mine, katrina stone, in the six months that i was unemployed this last summer. a couple of the songs on this EP are extremely personal and raw, while others are from a new place of wonder and appreciation for life in ways i never saw before. i hope you get to see a new side of me, while still recognizing that the core of me hasn't changed. 

download and stream the entire EP HERE