hello. i'm steph. i'm gonna write this 'about me' section in third person because it sounds way more official that way. 

based in los angeles, artist, photographer, and singer/songwriter steffaloo -- aka steph thompson -- has been busy getting her hands into as many creative pursuits as she can. relocating from boulder, co in 2006, she knew a world of opportunity awaited her in the creative land of los angeles. 

her art- steffaloo's art is simple and complex all at the same time. gravitating towards drawing, though certainly not limited to it, she developed a style all her own. her intricate line drawings seem to be the most prominent among her creations, where seemingly simple objects become detailed with pattern and life. leaving out prominent features from her portraits of people somehow leaves a mystery to her art unlike any other, which has clearly become a recognizable trademark. she also enjoys the occasional painting or collage. you can purchase prints and more by visiting her society6 shop.

her photography- using nothing but film, steffaloo's photography is a unique and beautifully raw take on the world around her. her first camera was a canon ae-1 that she unearthed from her dad's collection in high school and immediately developed an obsession with. the rawness of film then led her to the world of lomography where she experimented with different films and processing styles, responsible for many of the vibrant colors and 'flaws' in her photos. shooting with a number of toy cameras such as the holga, lc-a and the classic polaroid her photography is easily something your eyes will not forget. you can explore more of her photography on her flickr page.

her music- steffaloo quietly began making intimate, lo-fi acoustic bedroom recordings as a way to process life. little did she know this would become one of her main creative endeavor's in the following years. using just her guitar and the built-in mic on her macbook, she slowly put together a collection of hushed indie folk songs that would eventually comprise her 2011 debut, meet me in montauk. around that same time she chanced into a collaboration with san francisco-based chillwave artist blackbird blackbird, a move that would send her down clearly divergent artistic paths in the coming years. continuing to evolve as an acoustic songstress, steffaloo recorded her second album, would you stay, which was released in 2012 on L.A.'s mush records. however, her work with blackbird blackbird led to a bevy of other collaborations in the electronic world with well-known acts such as sun glitters and chrome sparks, and her associations soon became further tied to that genre. embracing this new style, steffaloo set upon recording her third full-length and first entirely electronic album, heart beats, which came out in late 2013.  she also just released brand new EP throw me to the wolves which explores a new side of herself by fusing her beloved folk style with the more produced elements of her popular collaborations.

whether it's art, photography, music or musings, steph's art is full of raw emotion and beauty.