this week has been rough for me. my body has been telling me to rest. it has been telling me i need to stop. not everyone knows it, but i have hashimotos, an autoimmune disease that makes me feel like i’m 65 years old most days haha.. it’s not something that is easy to talk about unless you too also deal with some form of autoimmune issue, because from the outside, everything appears to be fine. it is a silent battle for the most part. i have learned to deal with it in my own ways, but some weeks it is more than i can handle.. my body screams at me and all i can do is give in and let it pass; do my part to take care of it and keep on moving. this has been one of those weeks. from throwing up to headaches to aches and pains to chronic fatigue, it has taken a toll on me. and it starts to take a toll mentally as well. i share all of this not to have people feel sorry for me, but to invite those struggling with chronic illness or pain to feel a little less alone in it. i am here if you need me. i am here to listen. it’s ok to not always be ‘ok’, it’s ok to stay in bed all day so you can heal, it’s ok to have days or weeks when it gets the best of you. pay attention. be kind to yourself. let others be kind to you, and let others not get it at all. all that matters is that you take the time to love yourself, and to accept and keep on living. you are just as wonderful when you are weak as when you are strong. —

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