i went for a walk yesterday. i needed to remember that the ocean still existed and that there is beauty all around me and that there are much bigger things in this world than my own little struggles. i’ve been so overwhelmed by the state of our country as of late. by my own struggles and disappointments. everything feels so doomed, and i have a hard time pushing past it all some days. i ricochet between wanting to hide away until it’s all over and wanting to scream and fight back despite the constant blows. it takes a lot, living sometimes.. we are all bending and blowing in different ways. and we are still here. •
i took this picture of the palm trees at the end of my walk because the wind has been so strong this week and each day i watch them bend. i watch them get stripped and pushed and still they bend. what a beating they take and yet they never break. they may hunch for a few days afterwards, but they are always back eventually, standing higher than everything else.