it seems a bit ironic now, to be releasing an EP titled 'happy' in such an unhappy time. but i wouldn't want it any other way. i never could have predicted the state our country/world would be in when we chose february 3rd as our release date. sadness, heartache, loss, the joy and pain of love, clinging to happiness, letting go.. these are the narratives that fuel great art. they are the themes that fuel human connection and bind us together in shared experience. they awaken us from within. in the last 14 days i have felt all of them. my soul has been stirred to action. to protest. to quite solitude. this EP took 3 years to finish. it feels like a strange gift that the universe would allow it to be poured out into the world NOW, during this time, when hearts seem to be more open than they might have been otherwise.

it is also a gift that i chose to self release this EP on bandcamp. i couldn't have planned this, but am so very grateful for platforms like this, because today - friday, february 3rd - for any purchase you make on Bandcamp, they will be donating 100% of their share of the proceeds to the ACLU Nationwide. so, even if you don't like my music it's still worth purchasing for $5.00 😜(or your own price if you're feeling generous).

stream and purchase HERE

keep pouring your own light and love and creations. i hope you might find some piece of solace in this offering of mine. â¤

“who but the artist has the power to open man up, to set free the imagination? the others - priest, teacher, saint, statesman, warrior - hold us to the path of history. they keep us chained to the rock, that the vultures may eat out our hearts. it is the artist who has the courage to go against the crowd; he is the unrecognized "hero of our time" - and of all time.” -henry miller-